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Smart Chef Shopper is the leader in LA market food cost sourcing. Bulk Wholesale purchasers of fruit and produce in the restaurant business purchase most of their food supply from wholesale food distributors like Cysco or U.S. foodservice. What most managers and owners in the restaurant business don’t know is what the prices of food are to wholesale suppliers. Now there is a resource whereby restaurant owners can get access to current wholesale food costs from the Los Angeles wholesale market to know what their vendor’s cost of supplies that are sold to their restaurant. Smart Chef Shopper gives restaurant owners access to current wholesale market prices, now restaurant owners can cut their food costs by working with their wholesale distributors (purveyors) to achieve lower costs.
Are you in the restaurant business and concerned about lowering food costs?
Learn how to protect profits when fruit and produce seasonally increase!
Use la market food prices to keep wholesale distributors in check!